It's not just 84 disinfectants that keep the bathroom clean from germs and dampness. You need to know that

It's not just 84 disinfectants that keep the bathroom clean from germs and dampness. You need to know that

Due to the high frequency of use and the humid climate, the environment between the bathrooms is humid, and there are many sanitary dead spots, which are easy to contain dirt and dirt, easily breed bacteria, and even cause cross infection. Therefore, it is very important to keep the bathroom healthy, dry and comfortable. So, what life tricks can make bathroom cleaning work twice as well as half?

Bathroom condition is good, rely on nature and all kinds of powder spray!

If the bathroom space has such advantaged and inborn high-quality conditions as abundant area, sufficient lighting and good ventilation, the following suggestions are very easy to achieve the health and comfort index in the bathroom.

1. Keep the windows open and keep the bathroom ventilated. Open windows as often as possible to ventilate, and exhaust the dirty indoor air to the outside through the flowing natural air, so as to keep the air in the bathroom fresh. If the bathroom is still sunny, keep the windows open for a long time to let in the natural sunlight. After all, natural wind and sunshine are recognized as healthy "moisture-proof fungicides".

2. Dry and wet area or use exhaust fan to keep the bathroom dry. By installing the shower room or simple shower door to realize the dry and wet partition in the bathroom, it can prevent the splashing of water and the diffuse of mist during bathing. Some people may say that it is convenient to use shower curtain, but according to the actual life experience, it is not recommended to use shower curtain, because the shower curtain is particularly easy to grow mold and is not easy to clean. In addition, the indoor fan can be installed to discharge the humidity in the bathroom as soon as possible to keep the indoor dry.

3. Regular cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, desiccant are available. Regularly clean the bathroom, especially the corner, brick joint, faucet joint, wash basin and toilet sanitary dead corner, antiskid pad and other places that are easy to breed bacteria. Use 1% Peracetic acid disinfectant, 84 disinfectant, or bleach / agent and other cleaners, spray them to the places that are not easy to clean, but easy to contain dirt, and then conduct deep cleaning.

What about the bathroom condition and life energy?

When the lighting and ventilation conditions in the bathroom are insufficient, must we give up the instinct of seeking good life? Congenital condition is good, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons change, can you lie down and enjoy it? The bathroom area is big, equal to comfortable degree high can be arbitrary? No, no, no, the modern and high-tech life in the new era can always create better conditions for us, make the high-quality congenital conditions more comfortable, improve and beautify the conditions of the day after tomorrow, and free busy urban people from the trivial and complicated housework, so that the daily life in the bathroom is more healthy, comfortable, convenient and reassuring.

1. Yuba function, learn about it

1) Bath bully classification: now bath bully is divided into two kinds of lamp heating and wind heating.

The lamp warmer uses the heat radiation of the bulb to raise the temperature.

Advantages: low price, good thermal efficiency, fast temperature rise, less power consumption, economical daily use.

Disadvantages: the radiation range of the lamp is limited. In addition, if the child looks directly at it, there is a risk of burning his eyes.

The principle of wind warm bath is similar to that of air conditioner and heater. It uses elements to heat the cold air, blows out the warm air and circulates to drive the indoor heating.

Advantages: the heating area is relatively large and even, the heating effect is relatively balanced, the whole space can be very warm, and the safety performance is very high. And the wind can be warm and cool. It can also be used in hot days.

Disadvantages: slow temperature rise and high power. It costs more electricity than the lamp when it is used. The heating area of wind heating is relatively large and even, and the current multi-functional wind heating also integrates lighting, blowing, drying and other functions in one.

2) Not just heating

The working principle of the lamp warm Yuba is to raise the temperature in the illumination area through the thermal radiation of the infrared bulb, so it has the advantages of fast temperature rise, low power, low power consumption and large area, and its infrared ray also has the function of promoting blood circulation. The modern wind warm bath bar can provide different experience in different seasons, with natural wind, strong and weak wind warm and other functional options. For example: in the spring of the return tide, you can dry and keep the indoor or clothes dry; in the hot summer, you can cool and cool; in the dry autumn, the micro warm air is comfortable and not easy to evaporate water; in the cold winter, the strong warm air can warm the bathroom for a short time. Therefore, the choice of more performance, more intimate details, different seasons, different family types, the comfort will naturally be higher.

3) Economic lighting

In general, in addition to the heating bulb, a lighting bulb or LED panel lamp will be installed on the bath bully, so that other lamps in the bathroom can no longer be turned on. Generally, the lamps on the bath bully have certain explosion-proof function, safe daily use and economical power consumption. Some bath masters have the choice of day and night lighting. Night lighting can be automatically sensed and automatically turned off, which is very convenient.

4) Air exchange and deodorization

The ventilation of the bathroom directly affects the freshness of the air in the bathroom. The ventilation function of Yuba can effectively eliminate the peculiar smell and moisture in the bathroom and keep the air fresh. So bath Ba also has the function of ventilator, which can discharge the humidity and peculiar smell from the bathroom. This function can quickly and timely achieve indoor dehumidification and drying in the bathroom with poor lighting and ventilation conditions. Some brands of Yuba products, through the built-in purification and filtering wood block technology, can effectively inhibit bacteria, sterilize, and remove indoor PM2.5. The sterilization technology and function of high-tech products can avoid the damage of various disinfectants to the indoor air, and reduce the difference of removing disinfectant water in the later stage