Choose bathroom mirror, practical and high quality is the most important

Choose bathroom mirror, practical and high quality is the most important

When choosing bathroom mirror, we should pay attention to the coordination with the whole bathroom environment. Therefore, the color of the frame is mainly matched with the theme color such as bathroom wall. The size is recommended to be within 500-600mm (except for floor bathroom mirror), and the thickness is recommended to be around 8mm. The bath mirror is too thin and easy to crack. So how to choose practical and high-quality bathroom mirror?

1. A simple method to judge the mirror quality. When choosing bathroom mirror, you can use the distant linear object as reference, and observe the quality from the front, side and back.

The mirror with good quality has no bubbles, sundries, defects, discoloration, spots and so on. When moving the line of sight, the straight object will not bend or deform.

2. Who is better with or without borders?

From the convenience of use and maintenance, frameless bathroom mirror is better than the style with frame, because the bathroom is often in a wet state, wood, leather and other frame materials are easy to change after a long time of use.

From the aesthetic point of view, the framed bathroom mirror has advantages over the frameless mirror, but it has higher requirements for the moisture-proof quality of the frame material. When purchasing, pay attention to the coating of the frame.

3. Is it necessary to purchase anti fog mirror?

The bathroom environment is full of water vapor, especially in winter, with large temperature difference. After taking a bath, the mist covers the whole mirror. Women who love beauty can choose anti fog mirror (the power switch of anti fog film is better to be connected in parallel with the front lamp of the mirror).

At present, the price of brand anti fog bathroom mirror in the market is more than several hundred to one thousand yuan.

4. Discrimination of double faced mirror. The perspective direction of double faced mirror is determined by the intensity of light. When the light is strong in the daytime, the indoor can be seen outdoors, and the outdoor can't be seen indoors; when the light is on indoors at night or dark, the indoor can be seen outdoors, and the indoor can't be seen outdoors.

In addition to custom-made, ordinary businesses will not sell such bathroom mirrors to public families. It's easy to distinguish whether the bathroom mirror is a double-sided mirror. Stick the small make-up mirror on the mirror and compare your face (or the same object). The image of the double-sided mirror will be much darker than that of the small make-up mirror.