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FICO Shower Equipment is a specialized manufacturer of high-end sanitary ware, which is recognized as a perfect marriage of innovative design and outstanding performance. Throughout its over 10-years, FICO has stood for impeccable quality, pioneering technology, exquisite craftsmanship.

  • A leader in kitchen and bath
  • Manufacturing products with high cost performance
  • Chinese Famous Brand for severak consecutive years.
  • Our designers and artisans find inspiration everywhere.

Our Features

FICO Design

State-of-the-art products to gracious living and interior design.

Our Services

Having upheld a belief of "creating romance in life" for every customer for years.

Products Warranty

Three-Year Limited Warranty for FICO Products.

Latest company news

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Strategy: the selection of basin needs to recognize the type and see the de

Face basin is an indispensable sanitary ware product in our daily life, so how to choose when choosing face basin? In this issue, Xiaobian will introduce to you how to choose a basin and how to clean and maintain it daily. Let's learn.

2020-05-19 Read more
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The key to the selection of the shape of the bathtub faucet

The bathtub faucet is a single handle water mixing faucet with bath and bath functions. The main body of the faucet is made of high-quality brass casting surface finishing electroplated ceramic valve core. A reversing device is arranged at the water outlet of the faucet to change the direction of th

2020-05-20 Read more
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How to choose shower

Bath has played a very good role in relaxing the spirit. It's a great pleasure to go out every day and enjoy a comfortable bath at home. So the problem comes, comfortable shower is not so easy, high-quality bathroom products are essential, take the shower as an example, the uneven water flow of the

2020-05-29 Read more
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Introduction: householders must look at the latest washbasin purchasing ski

Every office worker knows that when we are forced to wake up by the alarm clock in the morning, we should think about getting rid of the dim sleepiness as soon as possible. Some friends will rush to the bathroom to fill the basin with water, plunge into the basin at one end, take a deep breath, be c

2020-05-12 Read more
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How to choose massage bathtub and pay attention to massage system

If you have a large enough bathroom and you are a person who enjoys life, you must provide yourself with a Jacuzzi when you decorate the bathroom. How to choose a Jacuzzi? Unlike ordinary bathtubs, Jacuzzi has a complex system. The quality of system programming also determines your comfort to a cert

2020-05-12 Read more


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