How to decorate the small bathroom

How to decorate the small bathroom

In the decoration of small toilet, attention should be paid to the placement of bathroom products, separation of dry and wet, transparent and spacious, daylighting and other issues. If you want to save space, you can start from the light, hardware, sanitary ware, bathroom cabinet, bath, hardware and other aspects. Under the Limited building space conditions, scientific and reasonable layout not only enhances the use efficiency of the toilet, but also makes the narrow space from It is spacious for convenient use.

Nowadays, many bathroom units are relatively small, and the bathroom is often combined, so there are too many things to store, so many people are worried about how to decorate the bathroom when it is too small? In fact, as long as we use some decoration skills, we can create a comfortable toilet. The following is the small toilet decoration skills.

Decoration skills of small toilet

1. Placement of bathroom products

When the small bathroom with narrow space is decorated and planned, the use and transformation of the wall should be considered more. Hollowing out the space in the wall becomes a storage space, which saves space and is practical. It is a good choice to install a wall mirror cabinet or an embedded bathroom cabinet and storage rack.

In addition to the wall built-in decoration, the wall mounted bathroom products are also treasures to solve the problem of small bathroom space. Washstand, toilet and storage rack can all be hung on the wall, reducing the floor space can balance the spaciousness, and it doesn't seem to occupy that much space.

2. Dry and wet separation

The area of small apartment is not big. It's a little difficult to install shower room in the bathroom. In this case, we can skillfully use shower curtain. The shower curtain is generally made of plastic or nylon and other materials, which has a certain waterproof and windproof effect, can prevent the shower water splashing outside the shower, and can effectively maintain the indoor temperature.

In fact, a waterproof curtain can separate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom. Shower curtain can be opened when used, and can be closed when not in use, so as not to waste precious bathroom space.

How to decorate small bathroom

3. Transparent and spacious

The mirror can make the visual depth increase, especially in the relatively small bathroom space, the wall mirror can even make the appearance effect more than double the actual area. Because the bathroom is small and oppressive, you can put a mirror in the front of the door, or put a mirror on the left / right side to extend your vision, so people will not feel oppressive and crowded.

In addition to extending space, mirrors can also hide space. Apply the mirror to the cabinet door, hide a number of compartments behind the mirror, classify and sort out toiletries and skin care products, which can not only bring extended vision to the bathroom through mirror reflection, but also make good use of the space above the washstand, even if it is occasionally messy, close the "door" and immediately clean.

4. Bathroom lighting

Lack of lighting is a common problem in small bathroom, especially now some small bathroom windows are small and the opening position is difficult to change, which makes it more difficult to improve lighting through decoration and transformation. At this time, we may consider using transparent materials to enhance indoor lighting.

It's a good way to make the partition and sliding door between the bathroom and other indoor spaces by using frosted glass, painted glass, single-sided glass and other glass materials. The white tone is often the favorite of the small bathroom, but the single white is more common. Choosing pearlescent white can make the bathroom different from others.

In addition, if the bathroom is crowded because there is no natural lighting, open bathroom can be adopted, transparent glass can be installed, and other areas in the room can be integrated. If you are not used to the open style, you can transform half of the wall, choose to knock out only half of the wall between the bathroom and the living room or the bedroom. The wall base still has a height of one meter. The knocked out part is equipped with decorative frosted glass to solve the problem of increasing the space of daylighting.

1、 Light

1. Windows if there's a window in the bathroom, natural light is the cheapest way. Take bathroom windows seriously, no matter what their style or scale, windows that transmit external light sources can help expand space. If you can, try to keep the windows, and then use blinds and Roman curtains to protect the privacy of the bathroom.

2. The bathroom space with narrow lamps can use good lighting conditions to prevent crowding and depression. The wall lamp beside the vanity mirror and the ceiling lamp can be used sparingly.

2、 Hardcover

1. Color cold color has strong reflection, so you can feel the space being enlarged when you use it in a small apartment. The furniture and decorations in the bathroom choose the same color as the hard decoration, and use different colors of the same color system not only to maintain unity, but also to increase the sense of space hierarchy.

2. The vertical line extending from the wall to the ceiling has an effect of improving the bathroom space, which is a very handy way to create. The use of vertical lines gives the illusion of the eye, rather than weakening the spatial scale.

3. The application of low partition undoubtedly makes the overall layout of the bathroom more flexible. The washing area and toilet area can be designed flexibly, and the overall lighting of the bathroom can also be ensured.

4. Groove some bathroom walls have grooves originally, which can be used by local materials. Some bathrooms, because of their pipes and ventilation, can also "turn waste into treasure" and make grooves. If the space and pattern allow, you can make this kind of similar groove and expand the space inward. In this way, the storage space is expanded, and the bath products have a hiding place, which is convenient to use.

3、 Sanitary ware

1. The overall sanitary ware should be small and suspended as much as possible. While the sanitary ware develops to the wall, it also allows the ground space to be released more. Hanging wall type sanitary ware, whether it is a washbasin or a toilet, can reserve some usable space and facilitate daily cleaning.

2. Small toilet in a small space can save both land and money. The small toilet, which is no more than tens of centimeters long, is the ideal choice for the small family toilet.

3. For the toilet with small space, it is also very important to make full use of the corner and other space to improve the utilization rate. There are many bathroom products with different designs on the market, such as arc shaped basin. Do not install column basin as far as possible in small toilet, it is better to add basin on stage and cabinet under stage.

4、 Bathroom cabinet

1. Wall hanging design in the bathroom, there will inevitably be water, this bathroom cabinet is hung on the wall, not only can save the floor space to make the floor clean without dead corner, the space is more simple, but also do not worry about the bathroom cabinet will be wet.

2. Mirror cabinet, bottom cabinet, hanging cabinet and standing cabinet although the size of the sanitary ware in the bathroom is not large, but for example, the sanitary ware with mirror cabinet or bottom cabinet can ingeniously hide the trivial things commonly used in the bathroom, such as facial cleanser, toothbrush cup, razor, etc., behind the mirror. At the same time, other cleaning products with a slightly longer use cycle can be neatly stored in the small cabinet under the basin. Coupled with the overall mirror design, you can stretch out a multiple sense of space. It can also be used as a hanging cabinet, in which toilet paper, towels, paper towels, detergents and other sanitary products can be placed. According to the width of the wall to choose a vertical storage cabinet, according to the wall, can place a lot of bathroom supplies.

3. The open storage area is set in the washroom of the storage area, which can be independent or connected with the bathroom cabinet, and can store scattered objects at any time. A small clothes rack or towel storage bar should be placed around the washroom to facilitate hanging towels and other items when washing. The small bathroom must make good use of the wall area. According to the space, more open storage compartments should be set up to store all kinds of sanitary wares.

5、 Bathing

1. Bathtubs with a length of less than 1.5m are usually deeper than ordinary bathtubs, about 70cm. This kind of bathtub is easier to stand up than ordinary bathtubs, and will not affect the comfort of use at all. Smaller bathrooms should choose this kind of small and deep bathtub.

2. Compared with the shower room, the arc shower room saves space due to the relationship of modeling. The bright tempered glass mirror and bright silver aviation aluminum make the bath room more fashionable and concise as a whole.

3. Although the area of bathtub and shower room is limited, it can still have two functional areas: shower and bubble bath: the shower is installed above the bathtub, and the shower curtain or glass plate is used as the partition to combine the shower area and bubble bath area. The bathtub combined with the shower room can save space and realize a variety of shower experiences.

6、 Hardware

1. Faucet if the basin faucet in the bathroom chooses to enter the wall type, it does not need the mesa, and can be directly installed on the wall. When installing this kind of faucet, we should consider the setting of the up and down pipes in the bathroom.

2. Showerhead: the advantage of overhead showerhead is obvious. Using it can avoid messy pipelines and make the bathroom clean. More importantly, in addition to the installation of sprinklers in this position, the rest of the wall space can play a creative use.